Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bauert, Christina Sophie  11 Sep 1787Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I816 Main Tree 
2 BENTZEN, Carsten  Abt 1565Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I162 Main Tree 
3 Bolten  1785Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I826 Main Tree 
4 BONNIX, Elisabeth  Abt 1635Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I930 Main Tree 
5 BONNIX, Johann  Abt 1600Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I929 Main Tree 
6 BOYSEN  1750Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I165 Main Tree 
7 BRODERSEN, Mette  Abt 1455Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I156 Main Tree 
8 ECKHOLDT, Magdalena  Abt 1545Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I1138 Main Tree 
9 FINCKE, Mrs Ingeborg  Abt 1535Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I954 Main Tree 
10 FINCKE, Kerstine Petersdatter  1498Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I157 Main Tree 
11 GOTZE, Elise Wilhelmine Henriette  Abt 1787Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I845 Main Tree 
12 HAYSEN, Magnus  1370Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I886 Main Tree 
13 HOLST, Daniel  Abt 1590Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I945 Main Tree 
14 HOLST, Hans  Abt 1465Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I883 Main Tree 
15 HOLST, Metta Danielsen  Abt 1614Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I946 Main Tree 
16 Holste, Jochimsen  Abt 1546Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I160 Main Tree 
17 Klupiin, Margarethea Elizabeth  1800Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I825 Main Tree 
18 LACHMANN  1750Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I213 Main Tree 
19 LORENTZEN, Lorentz Kaufmann or Flensbr  Abt 1625Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I949 Main Tree 
20 LUEDERS, Hans  1490Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I897 Main Tree 
21 RICKERTSEN The Older, Carsten  Abt 1490Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I1172 Main Tree 
22 SCHMEDE, Catharina  Abt 1510Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I953 Main Tree 
23 SCHMEDE, Claus thor  Abt 1565Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I935 Main Tree 
24 SCHMEDE, Mrs Ingeborg  Abt 1575Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I938 Main Tree 
25 SCHMEDE, Sophia thor  Abt 1540Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I952 Main Tree 
26 SMEDE, Mrs Katharina  Abt 1480Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I937 Main Tree 
27 Spies  1810Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I783 Main Tree 
28 THAMSEN, Elsabe  Abt 1475Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I154 Main Tree 
29 THAMSEN, Peter  Abt 1445Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I155 Main Tree 
30 Valentiner, Adolf George Christian stud. jur.  10 Feb 1809Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I851 Main Tree 
31 Valentiner, Anna Joachimina  6 May 1769Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I212 Main Tree 
32 Valentiner, Anna Katharina  19 Dec 1764Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I195 Main Tree 
33 Valentiner, Camilla Luise  26 Dec 1813Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I848 Main Tree 
34 Valentiner, Carl Niclas Gotlob  28 Jul 1804Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I811 Main Tree 
35 Valentiner, Caspar Wulf  21 Oct 1799Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I813 Main Tree 
36 Valentiner, Charlotte Luise Juliane  11 Jan 1800Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I812 Main Tree 
37 Valentiner, Christian August  3 Oct 1783Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I815 Main Tree 
38 Valentiner, Christiane Charlotte Maria  8 Feb 1835Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I787 Main Tree 
39 Valentiner, Christine Katharina Margareta  9 Jun 1786Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I828 Main Tree 
40 Valentiner, Clara Constantia Wilhelmine  26 Feb 1807Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I852 Main Tree 
41 Valentiner, Friedrich  25 Aug 1755Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I819 Main Tree 
42 Valentiner, Friedrich Peter  2 Nov 1817Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I809 Main Tree 
43 Valentiner, George Theodor  31 May 1820Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I808 Main Tree 
44 Valentiner, Henrich Christian  20 Nov 1767Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I123 Main Tree 
45 Valentiner, Ida Brigitte  18 Jan 1813Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I849 Main Tree 
46 Valentiner, Johanne Dorothea Mathilde  16 Dec 1816Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I804 Main Tree 
47 Valentiner, Luise Elizabeth Margarethe  25 Sep 1815Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I810 Main Tree 
48 Valentiner, Margaretha Cacilie  17 Jul 1763Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I179 Main Tree 
49 Valentiner, Margaretha Elisabeth  2 Jul 1768Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I775 Main Tree 
50 Valentiner, Natalie Dorothea Luise  10 Jan 1811Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I850 Main Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEYER, Claus  1631Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I1121 Main Tree 
2 HENNINGSEN, Anna Katharina  18 May 1769Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I183 Main Tree 
3 PETREJUS, Sophia Hedwig  28 Sep 1793Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I45 Main Tree 
4 THAMSEN, Elsabe  Abt 1515Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I154 Main Tree 
5 Valentiner, Anna Joachimina  26 Jun 1769Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I212 Main Tree 
6 Valentiner, Charlotte Luise Juliane  1 Apr 1803Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I812 Main Tree 
7 Valentiner, Clara Constantia Wilhelmine  22 May 1819Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I852 Main Tree 
8 Valentiner, Johanne Dorothea Mathilde  26 Mar 1817Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I804 Main Tree 
9 Valentiner, Wilhelm Kirchspielvogt  22 Jun 1821Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany I856 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BENTZEN / WYNBARCH  4 Nov 1593Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F113 Main Tree 
2 BONNIX / HOE  1635Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F402 Main Tree 
3 BOYSEN / Valentiner  11 Apr 1777Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F114 Main Tree 
4 Hansen / Valentiner  1735Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F330 Main Tree 
5 HOLST / WYNBARCH  1514Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F104 Main Tree 
6 LACHMANN / Valentiner  1780Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F132 Main Tree 
7 RICKERTSEN The Older / FRESE  Abt 1523Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F458 Main Tree 
8 SCHMEDE / SCHMEDE  Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F405 Main Tree 
9 Spies / Valentiner  4 Oct 1836Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F357 Main Tree 
10 Valentiner / Bussacus  17 Apr 1798Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F369 Main Tree 
11 Valentiner / Hingst  30 Aug 1833Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F358 Main Tree 
12 Valentiner / Klupiin  5 Oct 1818Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F371 Main Tree 
13 Valentiner / PETREJUS  1734Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F38 Main Tree 
14 Valentiner / Schutze  12 Mar 1829Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F359 Main Tree 
15 WYNBARCH / FINCKE  Abt 1525Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F109 Main Tree 
16 WYNBARCH / THAMSEN  Abt 1495Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany F108 Main Tree